Pray, Instead: Lessons from the Emergency Room

Last week was hard on me. Those close to me know just how hard. I made a quick trip to the E.R. (everything is fine, thank God!) God is faithful to His promises and I had so many wonderful people praying for me – thank you! But there's something deeper worth sharing... As I was being wheeled … Continue reading Pray, Instead: Lessons from the Emergency Room

Good Job Bad Boss

Good Job, Bad Boss

You finally landed that job you’ve been trying to get for months! It’s such a good feeling, isn’t it? You completed that long online application. Took the assessment (do I choose agree or some-what agree? Hmm..) and delivered your best presentation during the many rounds of interviews – you made it! Congratulations! And then, you … Continue reading Good Job, Bad Boss

making peace with conflict

Making Peace with Conflict

  We’ve all looked back at a situation and thought, “Wait, what just happened?” We’ve felt that sting of regret after letting someone push us to our breaking point. The bitter after-taste following a fit of rage. We’ve found ourselves in a nasty circumstance when someone brought out the worst in us. We all make … Continue reading Making Peace with Conflict

working through distractions

Working Through Distractions + 5 Tips to Increase Productivity

Follow my blog with Bloglovin You have a lot going on. That proposal your boss wants by Friday. Preparing to meet with a client next week. Hosting guests for the Holidays and that darn group text that keeps sending notifications! Distractions happen. Before I turned in my power suit for a (very stylish) baby bag, … Continue reading Working Through Distractions + 5 Tips to Increase Productivity